5 Things to do in New Orleans, LA

I LOVE New Orleans!  Every time I go there, I leave ready to go back!  The reason?  Because that place is a melting pot for culture, art, music and food from all over the world!  The options for entertainment are literally endless!  I honestly think you could stay a whole month and still not experience every amazing opportunity the city has to offer.

I’ve decided to make it my personal mission to persuade you to plan a trip to The Big Easy very soon…and today I want to tell you 5 things you have to do while you’re there!


1. Eat some amazing food!

Of course this is number 1!  New Orleans is one of the most inspiring food scenes IN THE WORLD!  I’ve already mentioned the reason.  This city is a place where cultures come to collide!  Let’s get metaphorical for a minute: Imagine you have a huge bedazzled mixing bowl and you throw into it, flavors, art styles, music genres and personalities from any number of global heritages…you mix it up with a big sequined spatula and serve it up hot on a fancy plate!  That’s the flavor of New Orleans!  These are some the places. from my experience, that I would absolutely recommend for you to try (price ranges vary): Stein’s DeliMahony’s Po’BoysRestaurant August (might have to be a special occasion :)), BayonaFulton Alley (great food AND bowling!), 3 Muses (kind of a small place so get a reservation), Revolution, and Verti Mart (get the All That Jazz po’boy!).  Here are a few experiences that have been highly recommended to me and are on my list for next time: SHAYASt. Roch Food Hall (similar to Pizitz in Birmingham), and the NOLA Vietnamese Food Scene.


2. Stay in an AirBnB. 

We’ve all seen the ridiculously charming shotgun houses in New Orleans!  Imagine staying in one!…for CHEAPER than staying in a hotel!  Now there are some beautiful hotels in the city and if that’s the experience you want, go for it!  Monteleone anyone?  I do think you should try this option at some point though.  It is a great way to feel like a local for a few days and get a deeper experience of a place.  My advice for booking a house is: ALWAYS read the reviews to see what others’ experience has been, before you book.  Look at all the pictures of the place and check on the location (I recommend the Garden District).  Also, communicate with the host.  You can email any questions you have to the lister.  But if you’re still not convinced, here are two more of my favorite New Orleans hotels: International House Hotel and The Columns.


3. Forget Bourbon Street.


I know that it is probably the most famous street in New Orleans and possibly the first thing people think of when they think of this city.  I wish that was not so.  New Orleans is SO much more than that!  I say skip Bourbon altogether and check out the multitude of other streets/places that are available for your amusement pleasure.  Take in excellent music and art on Frenchmen Street.  Get your souvenirs at the outdoor Art Garden and grab some chargrilled oysters at any of the fabulous restaurants lining the street.  Window shop on Royal, head over to Magazine for more shopping and eating…and walk the streets of the Garden District to get a feel for that close, humid, historic and beautiful home life.  Haunted walking tours are always fun and you should probably visit a cemetery while you’re there. 🙂  Also, check into these museums: New Orleans Museum of ArtNational World War 2 Museum, and Mardi Gras World (I haven’t been to this one yet but I’m dying to go!  I hear it is one of the best touristy experiences in the world…next to Alcatraz in San Francisco!!)


4. Take your kids.

My son inside of a human-sized bubble at the Louisiana Children’s Museum

Okay okay, but just hear me out! Haha!  There are many fun and enriching opportunities for kids in New Orleans!  We’ve done the city with and without kids and honestly, both are a blast for everyone!  It’s so easy to plan a kid-friendly trip in this city.  Here are the places you should not miss with kids: Louisiana Children’s MuseumAudubon ZooAudubon Aquarium, and New Orleans City Park.  I would also recommend strolling through Jackson Square with kids and along the River Front.  There are so many things to see, hear, smell, taste and feel!  You will have 5-star engagement in your kids on the streets of New Orleans!

Hahahaha! This is what too much fun in NOLA looks like!


5. Bump into a famous person!  

We met Nate Ruess!…the lead singer of FUN. !!…On Frenchmen Street!

This bullet point is kind of a joke…but in all seriousness, New Orleans is a place that attracts folks from all walks of life and a lot of famous people have homes there (a friend of mine used to live right across the street from Sandra Bullock!).  So the chances of meeting a celebrity on those uneven city sidewalks, are pretty good!


Photo from visittheusa.com

So there you have it.  5 reasons you should plan a trip to New Orleans, LA very soon!  Every time I visit, I come home inspired, invigorated and excited about new ideas!  When you have a wonderful trip to New Orleans, its influence can make your life more colorful, musical and delicious!  Already a New Orleans aficionado?  I want to hear your top recommendations!!  Feel free to share in the comments under this post!  Bloggers love feedback!!!  Love to all and happy trip planning!

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