Sandia Loca Water


As the coordinator for an international cooking class group, I get to experience unique flavors from across the globe without even leaving my home town.  I love making new friends and expanding my “kitchen horizons”, so to speak.  At a recent Mexican cooking class, taught by my friend, Irma Cubillo, I was particularly inspired by two recipes: Sandia Loca and Cucumber Water.  So I combined the two to give you today’s recipe: Sandia Loca Water!




Sandia Loca Water

1/2 a ripe watermelon
6 cups water
1/2 cup sugar
juice of 6 limes, 1 lemon and 1 orange


Blend the meat of 1/2 the watermelon along with about a cup of water until smooth.

Strain through a fine mesh strainer into a pitcher to separate out most of the clumps.

Add the water, sugar and citrus juice to the pitcher and stir well.

Cover and chill for about 4 hours before serving.



“Sandia Loca” translated from Spanish, is “crazy watermelon”. Ha!!  In Mexico, Sandia Loca is a sweet and spicy appetizer.  Fruits and vegetables like mango, pineapple, cucumbers and jicama are cut into spear-like shapes and placed artfully in a watermelon rind and then topped with a sweet and sour sauce and a spicy lime/pepper powder that is pictured below.

You can find this at a Mexican grocery store.  I blended it with sugar to rim the glasses I served the water in!



Cucumber water, or Pepino, is a simple blend of cucumbers, water, lime juice and sugar. It is an amazingly refreshing summer drink.  I like to top mine with a drizzle of honey as you can see in the picture.

Sandia Loca Water is a “water” recipe.  So don’t expect something as syrupy sweet as cool-aid.  I intentionally added only 1/2 cup of sugar so that the drink would not be too sweet.  Don’t worry, it’s sweet enough!  And you can tweak the measurements of each ingredient to meet your preference.  But I hope you try this recipe soon and find that it is the perfect refresher for a hot summer day!

For more information about our international cooking classes, follow @cookingasafirstlanguage on Instagram!  Anyone is welcome to participate in the classes!



10 thoughts on “Sandia Loca Water

  1. Wow! What an interesting to prepared with our watermelon. I loved the twist you’ve done, will definitely try this with my family.


  2. I absolutely love both of these drinks! I can’t wait to try the cucumber drink! I was just talking to a friend about something similar! YUM!


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