Phoenix, AZ

Nothing inspires me more than travel!  My husband and I recently visited Phoenix, AZ and it was fabulous!!…Really one of the best trips we’ve taken in a while.  It was in November but the inspiration from it just keeps lingering.  When you’re in the city, pretty much any direction you look, there will be beautiful mountains in the distance.  The air is warm and dry and on a sunny day, your Instagram photos need no filter! Ha!

Today I want to share with you some things (in my opinion) that you shouldn’t miss when traveling in the Phoenix area.


Desert Botanical Gardens


Located in Papago Park, it is 140 acres of living museum exhibits.  There are many beautiful plants to admire and it is such a peaceful place to visit.  There is also a butterfly tent that you can walk into and get up close and personal with gorgeous butterflies and flowers.  Just a quick public service announcement though:  Don’t touch the cacti that don’t have visible prickles.  I made that mistake and ended up with about a hundred microscopic needles stuck in my fingers and somehow, my lips. Ha!  Luckily, there is a first aid station nearby for mishaps like this one.  The prickle problem definitely did not ruin my experience.  When in Phoenix, do not miss the Desert Botanical Gardens!


Old Town Scottsdale


This is such a unique place to shop and dine!  I wish I had discovered it earlier in my trip because I didn’t have enough time to explore the whole place.  When traveling, or anytime really, I prefer establishments that are local and authentic as opposed to chain stores/restaurants.  This shopping area had exactly that!  It was a great place to buy unique gifts and souvenirs!  Do not miss Old Town Scottsdale!

The Coronado and Barrio Restaurants


The Coronado is a Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant.  You don’t get too excited about that?  Trust me, their food is delicious!!  It’s amazing the ways vegetables can be used to create delicious and unique dishes!  We had the Beet Burger and the Cauliflower Tacos.  Every bite was divine!

Barrio Cafe was the best Mexican food we ate in Phoenix.  They serve up inspired dishes with ingredients you might not expect.  For example, the guacamole was topped with pomegranate seeds and a stuffed pepper dish included apples and pine nuts.

If you like to experience new and different flavors while traveling, don’t miss either of these restaurants!


Sedona, AZ


On Saturday, we rented a car and drove about 2 hours outside of Phoenix to Sedona.  It is easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!  Get to Sedona some time before you die!  There are gorgeous, towering mountains of red clay everywhere you look.  The town itself is quaint and beautiful.  There are some great golf and spa resorts in this town.  Don’t miss the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which is a Frank Lloyd Wright style church built right into the side of a mountain.  Amazing!  I was told the Pink Jeep Tours are a must-do as well.  We didn’t get around to that, but next time!  The hiking is great and there are many accessible trailheads to start from.  Do not miss a visit to Sedona, AZ!!


Jerome, AZ


I didn’t get near enough time in this beautiful town.  It’s about an hour out of Sedona and we were only able to stop here for dinner in the haunted Grand Hotel.  Jerome is a historic copper mining town set high on top of a hill.  It is considered a ghost town, but the night we were there, it seemed anything but that!  There was an exciting nightlife scene with many interesting looking restaurants, shops and galleries open well after dark.  There is a lot of history in this town and a lot to see and do…not to mention gorgeous desert views everywhere you look from this high point.  I wish I could tell you more about it, but all I know is, I want to fully explore Jerome the next time we are in Arizona!  For more information, check out this website.



There are many more great experiences to have when traveling in this part of the world. I can only share mine.  Nevertheless, I hope I’ve inspired you to plan a trip to the Arizona desert some time in the near future!


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