San Francisco with Kids

  In my opinion, every parent should have San Francisco on their "places to take the kids" bucket list!  With clear blue skies, beautiful architecture and interesting (and steep) uphill streets, it is a city with views that everyone will enjoy! There are several things that we experienced together that really stand out in our … Continue reading San Francisco with Kids


My Centenarian Friend

For four years, my family lived in a charming Jackson, MS neighborhood called Fondren. The University of MS Medical Center is located in Jackson and that is where my husband went to med school, thus the reason we lived there for a period of time.   It just so happened that our next-door neighbor in … Continue reading My Centenarian Friend

International Food Blogger Conference 2018

So last weekend, I did something I've never done before...that I have to say was one of the best experiences of my life!  I went to the International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) in New Orleans! What made it such an amazing experience is dual.  First of all, it was in NEW ORLEANS...Disneyworld for foodies!!  And … Continue reading International Food Blogger Conference 2018

Aldi Gourmet: Golden Turmeric French Toast with Lime

Aldi is a great place to get groceries!  Our town only recently got an Aldi and I want to encourage my friends to shop there.  They have unique international items and great prices to help you save a few dollars! Something I've done before on this blog is challenge myself to cook five nights of … Continue reading Aldi Gourmet: Golden Turmeric French Toast with Lime